We’re a digital content development studio based in Wokingham, Berkshire. We love creating bespoke applications and experiences for our clients using 3D, VR and AR technology. And we’re rather good at it. Take a look at our work.

We understand that immersive technology can be daunting. It’s fast paced. It sounds expensive and quite frankly, a bit scary. We’re proud to say that our clients choose to work with us because we work collaboratively and openly through every stage of development.

Our Pedigree

With no industry recognised accreditation or ‘minimum standards’, what separates one studio from the next?  As much as you wouldn’t want a cowboy plumber let loose on your en-suite, making the wrong studio decision can not only be costly, but brand damaging.

The two biggest fears with VR for example are a wider generalised perception that firstly it’s expensive and secondly, it makes you feel sick.  We have bags of experience in VR spanning back to pre-Oculus days with headsets costing many millions. ‘There is no substitute for experience‘ as the saying goes, and that is especially true of immersive technology…it is only through the many years of R&D, testing and iterating, failures and successes that we have refined our art.

We’re a team dedicated to the highest standards, and maybe we need to improve our musical skills to blow our own trumpets a little better, but check out our news page for details of the awards and nominations we receive on regular basis.

The Team

We’re a team of professional techies whose bubbling creativity and razor-sharp skills enable us to make waves in the world of XR and digital innovation. We’ve developed an overarching vision of what works (and what doesn’t), so we can unpick even the most complex of client needs.

We’ve cherry-picked the best talent in design, production and animation and our founders were kicking around when modern VR was a mere techno-tadpole. This combination of fresh ideas and vast experience means we’re expertly equipped to deliver the best of the best, every time.

Mark Cundle

Mark first founded Tammeka Games with a view to breaking early guidance on how VR should be done, by launching the first and ridiculously fast-paced VR arcade racing game, Radial-G. That followed shortly thereafter with the formation of Austella to meet the growing needs from companies hungry to explore XR. With a track record of defining and launching disruptive software, Mark has a unique combination of marketing and technical expertise.

Glenn Jarrett

Glenn has over 25 years' experience of design, sales and marketing in the high-technology sector, stemming from an early life as a recording engineer in the film industry. Having been a pioneer of digital sound recording techniques, Glenn has always been obsessed with delivering technology to create the most immersive experiences possible. More recently Glenn has led many of the world's largest electronics companies.

Christopher Simpson

Matt Cundle

Michalis Mavronas

Josh Jeffries

Mark Brendan

Harry Fordham

Ben Artis

The Studio

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