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At Austella we understand that immersive technology is a bit of a dark art, so we have introduced our free, no obligation masterclass to help you and your team get to grips with all there is to know about XR (the umbrella term for VR, AR and MR) and blockchain technology, its capabilities, and how it can work for you.


The workshop is completely adapted to your needs, so if you are looking for an XR 101, then we can start from the basics and work our way up.

If you and your team already have an understanding of the technology and would like a deeper dive into its capabilities, perhaps spending more time on a specific element of XR, or have a brainstorm over potential future projects then we can help with that too!


We can come to your offices, bringing all the latest tech and demos with us for you to have a play with. Alternatively, we are happy to hold classes at our offices in Ascot, Berkshire.


Just click on the calendar link and pick a date that works for you.

Classes generally last 2 hours which includes plenty of time to get hands-on with the latest technology and peripheral accessories.

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We come to you, or you to us, and we’ll break out the tech & insights. The topics of interest will be determined beforehand, where we can drill into the details of VR, AR, 360 Video, Blockchain or all if required.


Let’s discuss the power and performance, providing actual stats and references to successful campaigns & experiences.
Provide guides to how we operate as a studio, build times, processes, pricing, etc.


Let’s be honest the “best bit”, the hands on appreciation of the tech. Headsets on, tablets fired up, playtime.

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Posted on 27th September, 2018

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Oculus Announce New 6DOF All-in-One VR System

A new standalone VR system has been announced by Oculus.

The Oculus Quest will be the first standalone headset to feature 6DOF and Touch controllers. The system will be powered by Oculus Insight which has been developed to power inside-out tracking, Guardian and Touch controller tracking, and will feature the same display resolution as the Go, of 1600 x 1440 per eye.

The Oculus Quest is launching in the US in Spring 2019 and will retail for $399.

“This is another major step forward in bringing VR to the consumer market”, says Glenn Jarrett, MD at Austella. “The Oculus Quest’s functionality, affordability and accessibility will help bring VR closer to being adopted as the ubiquitous consumer tech it is sure to become.”

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