The Details

Working alongside our friends at Because Experiential Marketing we were tasked by Benefit Cosmetics to showcase their new “They’re Real! Magnet Mascara”. This new product is powered by an innovative magnetic formula that draws out lashes to extreme lengths, making them look up to 40% longer, and lifts lashes to extreme lengths for up to 36 hours.

To showcase such an innovative product, they wanted an innovative idea. vAtoms (Virtual Atoms) combined with Augmented Reality technology, were employed to created a gamified, covid-safe, play-at-home experience that rewarded fans in an engaging, immersive way. The experience delivered prizes direct to the consumer, ranging from free Benefit products, to an exclusive bundle of goodies and 1:1 consultation with a beauty expert. Every gameplay delivered a 20% discount redeemable through the Benefit online store, which underlined the ambition of the campaign i.e. driving footfall to their online store.

The Process

User journey flow created, with user simplicity a high priority, but also pushing the creative boundaries making it fun, appealing & ultimately rewarding.
The SMT campaign employed what we call a ‘pin-drop’ mechanic. The consumer dropped the pin SMT on their location and magically the 3D mascara and magnet characters appeared.
Collecting the Magnet unlocked a helpful mascara tutorial video, and collecting the Mascara provided the user a spin to win, random chance game.
Helpful facecards for all parts of the user journey created within brand guidlines, to help guide the less tech savvy through an exciting new digital experience.
Added AR (Augmented Reality) collection feature, for picking up the SMTs dropped close by.
Spin to win animations created and integrated into SMTs.
Will it be "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" or more "Tough Taters, See You Laters" ??
Over 25,000 unique prize voucher codes created, with 1 (or 2 if you're super lucky) embedded into every SMT.

There are 5 top prizes of a 1-2-1 consultation with specific beauty bloggers/influencers. The SMT redemption here was a unique code sent via Instagram to claim.
Boom! the clever little SMT takes you straight to the Benefit online store to put the product in your basket. That's not all, the crafty little SMT has the prize code copied to clipboard, drop that little lovely into the redeem code box to get the product for free or a 20% discount applied.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey !

The Results

72254 Visitors

During 2 week campaign

29870 Sign-ups

41% of those visitors signed up to play

The Experience

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