The Details

Since its incarnation over 80 years ago, RS Components has become the No. 1 high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products across Europe and Asia Pacific with over 2,500 suppliers of goods.

With a number of significant milestones achieved by the company (eg: the first components company to launch a specialist app for its branch network), and a strong emphasis on discovering new products and innovations that enter the market, a VR experience was required to help position RS at the forefront of technical innovation.

The Process

RS Components saw the experience as an opportunity to highlight the rich history of innovation over their 80 years to visitors, staff and the investment community. With so much history, a pre-rendered experience would be in danger of becoming bloated and losing the viewers attention. The solution was to create several shorter interactive experiences, each providing a different narrative that encouraged audience participation.
The experiences created were:
- Factory tour that showed the inner workings of a logistics superpower, in the UK only Amazon shipping more parcels daily.
- Retail experience showing their showcase store in Bermondsey
- Fully interactive time-travel VR experience starting in the garage the founders worked out of in the 1930's to an imagined future inside the International Space Station
- A fun VR game based on the chaos that ensues as hundreds of packages need to be delivered to the correct location.

A hub environment was created to allow easy navigation across the 4 experiences.
The experience was rolled out across their international network of trade counters, their regional management offices and a roving, client-facing truck!

Full training was provided to RS' staff.

The Experience

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