The Details

Michelin is synonymous with the racing world, and coupled with its relentless pursuit of the most innovative and cutting-edge technological advances to push the boundaries of both vehicle and driver performance, it is a perfect partner for the Goodwood Festival of Speed which celebrates and honours the past and present glories of motorsports.

The Process

Alongside Michelin we made the decision to deliver the experience via an AR application, this enabled us to bring the subject matter to life and increase engagement with the brand. The app was integrated with back-end systems which, via a call to action, allowed the collection of contact data for onward marketing purposes.
This app required very accurate tracking, so we opted to work with Vuforia using their marker tracking over Apple’s ARKit and SLAM. It also had to be lightweight enough to run on an iPad so naturally Unity was our preferred choice of engine.
This project relied heavily on scriptable objects along with the use of bit masks to pull relevant data onto the UI and also in the in-app email that was sent to the user. The use of scriptable objects made it easier to add new tyre data in the later stages of development.

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