The Details

Midnight Madness is a series of cleverly camouflaged, ingenious and devilishly difficult puzzles – the answers to which indicate the location of the next puzzle, and so on, until the finish line. Teams compete over a gruelling 12 hours, hunting for, solving and executing puzzles embedded in the urban landscape of London. The event follows in the wake of the highly successful namesake that took place in New York in 2015 and raised over $3M for charity. However, unlike the New York event, the London version utilised latest blockchain technology to elevate the user experience, merging real and virtual worlds in a unique treasure hunt experience.

The Process

The treasure hunt posed as a showcase for the vast array of sources in which vAtoms can reside. Clues led the teams to scan images, collect using Augmented Reality from physical locations - popularised by such games as Pokémon Go, and even scanning a person’s tattoo.

The penultimate clue utilised a digital display, the iconic Piccadilly Circus advertising billboards played host to a vAtom-enabled display – the challenge saw participants scanning the jumbotron display, combining the vAtom collected with previously earned vAtoms to transform them into a decryption key for a file on the players phone.
The event was a roaring success with over £350,000 raised for good causes.
If you’re a brand that wants to create a memorable gamified experience, combining real and virtual worlds, then blockchain is a perfect platform to enable a vast array of interactive mechanics.

The Experience

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