The Details

Our blockchain platform partner, BlockV, wanted to make a big splash at the Ad:Tech Expo at Kensington Olympia. They wanted a fun game to show how blockchain-tracked 3D objects could transcend the real and virtual worlds. We proposed that our Crackshot Creek Shooting Gallery, from our catalogue of rebrandable games, was perfect for this; inviting people to collect gold coins dropped across London, the coin was payment for entry to the game and also provided directions and a map to their location.

The Process

The game employs a simple point and shoot mechanic, the more targets hit, the higher the score, with bonus points awarded for successive hits. The out-of-game flow required us to create a gold coin 3D object tracked on the BlockV blockchain, these coins were dispersed across London whereby users could use the BlockV app to view them on the map. Coins collected opened up to display information on where and when the user could redeem their coin.
The overall game flow had to be adapted to integrate the additional Blockchain system. The coin once collected was attached to a user ID, this ID was then passed to the PC hosting the game, essentially paying for a play in a modern twist on a coin-op arcade. Upon completing the game, the player's score determined which medal was passed back to the User ID's wallet.
If the player scored over 100 points, a gold medal was sent to the user's wallet with a digital cocktail. The cocktail could then be redeemed for a real cocktail at the bar...furthermore the top 3 scorers of the evening were presented with prizes!
The end result was BlockV's Blockchain system integrated into a unique fully-branded VR experience in a matter of days.

The Experience

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