The Details

Genever was once considered to be the heart of the American cocktail culture; but that had almost completely disappeared come the turn of the 19th century. Our challenge was to relaunch the once loved spirit, with it’s new assortment of European brands, to kickstart a brand new Genever cocktail revolution and bring the category of drink into the 21st century.

The Process

The experience took the user on a journey from an 1800's speak-easy to a modern cocktail bar, passing through the copper stills where the botanical ingredients and malt create the complex flavours . Our treatment was to blend real-life 360 footage with amazingly detailed CGI.
As with many of our experiences, a detailed set of illustrations were compiled into a storyboard. A voiceover script was written and used for pacing the experience across the multiple scenes.
One of the primary aims of the experience was to highlight the vast number of cocktails that can be created with the spirit. Accurately re-creating a cocktail in CGI was found to be unconvincing - so we employed 360 green-screen setup to capture the focal points and integrate the footage with a CGI cellar.
Adobe's After Effects software was used to compile the CGI, camera footage, particle FX and audio into one seamless experience.

The Experience

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