The Details

It’s a challenge many technology companies face – how do you communicate the benefits of a product that on a technical-level alienates most of their potential customers. Home automation, smart connected home, IoT are buzzwords that most people have come across but the less technically-savvy individual assumes is not for them!

This is the challenge that faces Hive daily, they have an innovative and growing range of home automation products – from motion sensors, to thermostats, to intelligent plug sockets. Hive wanted a compelling way to showcase their product range to an audience that is typically scared of the technology it creates.

The Process

Working alongside Because Experiential Marketing, we created a series of three 90 second 360 experiences to explain a handful of Hive products – smart plugs, smart light bulbs, networked camera and thermostat.

The campaign was called “Let’s Get Living” and the focus of the experiences revolved around the benefits using the products gave the user, staying clear of technical jargon that may distance the audience.
We chose the Unreal Engine to create the series of experiences, with After Effects to produce the text and graphical overlays. Understanding the audience was highly likely to have never experienced 360, we took the decision to keep the spectator view fixed to reduce the possibility of sim-sickness. We devised a series of animations that meant the ‘stage’ assembled and changed around the viewer.

The Results

The Experience

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