The Details

The experiential team within Jameson Whiskey wanted a unique experience to engage festival goers and demonstrate the flexibility of Ireland’s best-known whiskey. The location was the All Together Now music festival on typically rainy Irish summer weekend, where Jameson were competing for attention with a number of stands dotted around the music stage. Jameson were keen to investigate blockchain technology and between us we came up with the plan to drop virtual items that could be redeemed at their stand…and so the name Jameson Drops was born.

The Process

The virtual items ranged from ice cream and sunglasses (maybe a bit ambitious!), to Jameson sweaters, to a Jameson signature cocktail.
Festival attendees were encouraged to download the Jameson Drops app which had several key features –
- A countdown timer to show when the next drop was to be made
- A map view which showed the location of the drops
- A digital wallet showing the items collected
- Ingredients and method for making several Jameson-based cocktails
- Notification system to announce when drops had occurred
The app was developed with scalability in mind, ensuring that Jameson Drops will be used at several future events.
The festival goers were required to open the map screen and hunt down the virtual items. Upon collection, they headed to the Jameson stand to redeem their gift…and of course this gave the Jameson team the opportunity to show how the spirit could be used as a base for some delicious cocktails.

The Experience

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