The Details

Working alongside our friends at Because Experiential Marketing we were tasked by Watercare Services Limited to create a multi-screen ride animation as part of a wider range of projects. We also created a VR experience, AR Sandbox, fun games & an interactive Quiz, which can be viewed within our work page.
All of the above are being showcased on a roadshow tour of Auckland, to raise awareness of their “Central Interceptor” construction that will be completed in 2025 to massively improve the current waste water system, this ride animation details the underground works involved.
Played on three 86″ screens in the rear of the Watercare trailer to create an immersive theatre, this experience wowed viewers of all ages.

The Process

Time to get “Scampy”, nope not the fishy crisps from the pub. We begin after brief with sketching up the rough environment for our scenes to take place.
Storyboards next, before moving onto the voice over script where all the visual timings will be married to.
Digital creation of environment & assets, with particular attention to the star of the show Waima the eel of course, even though the massive tunnel drilling machine does most of the work in this one, just boring I suppose (Boom-boom , bad joke).
Bringing all the elements together, with consideration for the left & right and not just the screen straight in front of you.
Off we go. Let's hitch up this bad boy trailer full of awesome experiences, and hit the road.

The Results

The Experience

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