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The Details

Working alongside our friends at Because Experiential Marketing we were tasked by Watercare Services Limited to create a fun brand engaging game as part of a wider range of experiences. We also created a VR experience, AR Sandbox, Multi-screen immersive ride animation, Quiz & another game (more of a time killer), all of which can be viewed within our work page.
All of the above were to be showcased on a roadshow tour of Auckland, to raise awareness of their “Central Interceptor” construction that will be completed in 2025 to massively improve the current waste water system.

The Process

We wanted to follow “hand in glove” with Auckland’s waste water history, from the first sewers built in 1880 through to present day demonstrating the need for the new Central Interceptor system to cope with the rising population.
Once you have the narrative, it’s time to agree a play mechanic. Puzzle play pipe routing against a rising water timer, to get increasingly more complex through the levels (decades) as the population increases.
Art next, as well as the start & mid-level scenes, in level features to show the “above ground” changes over the decades. Wooden shacks to brick house, to sky scrapers, horse & cart to motorcars, biplane to jumbo jet, etc. These elements along with sepia, through black & white filters to full colour, also showed the changing of the times.
Whilst not making the final level (year 2020) impossible, the odds are highly stacked in the favour of failure. As the game builds through the decades, we had to get to a point where the current sewer system required a major intervention/upgrade. This being the case we show the Central Interceptor, come through at the end to clear the flood.
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