The Details

Working directly with Vodafone’s customer experience marketing team, we were tasked with creating a futuristic “V-City” that can be expanded & used as the foundations for various VR/360 experiences.
In this instance we produced a 360 video, giving a guided passenger drone city fly thru tour of the year 2030, highlighting industries & technologies using Vodafone’s 5G network, from Vertical farms, autonomous vehicles, to delivery drones.

The Process

As this is a passive experience with a consideration for new users to 360 video via headset, the journey needed to be incredibly smooth and steady to reduce any potential issues with motion sickness, so the city & building layout was modelled to aid this with the flight path.
Modelling the passenger drone cockpit and HUD (Head Up Display) for the 1st person perspective view of the experience.
Various scripted events were animated, including delivery drones, holographic advertising billboards and a haptic-enabled phone call.
Planning the drone route (flight path) through the city, synchronised with the VO to hit features & landmarks at the correct time. Once the route is complete, the project is then set to render before any VFX finishing touches.

The Experience

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