The Details

The brief was to create an authentic, photo-realistic experience that was capable of running on a mobile phone. The route we decided therefore was to create a pre-rendered 360 video, which met the requirement of ultra-high detail running on a mobile device, but posed challenges in telling the story.

The Process

The obvious issue is how to ensure the viewer is looking in the correct orientation when critical story elements are unfolding. We used a number of diversion techniques, for example the use of a lizard, butterflies and birds to draw the viewers’ attention to areas of interest.
The second issue is of the viewer (or more accurately, tester) becoming de-sensitised – as developers we knew where we were supposed to look and so naturally followed the story, each iteration therefore meant finding someone new to test whether our diversion techniques were effective!
Audio plays a big part in the experience, significantly increasing the sense of immersion. We wanted to create an experience that was emotive and powerful but at the same time, not scare the viewer.
We achieved this by adding a heartbeat that steadily increased in intensity and frequency as the experience progressed culminating in the face-to-face with the tigress and her cub, but balanced that with the reassuring, calm walkie-talkie announcements sourced from a real life WWF ranger.

The Results


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The Experiences

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